Syncopation is an award-winning community show choir made up of kids in grades 5-8 throughout Bloomington and surrounding areas seeking a pre-professional performing experience in forms of contemporary music and dance. Team work and discipline are emphasized in a fun and creative environment.


Grades 5-9


Rehearses two days, once at Windfall and once at Fairview

Full academic year (two-semester) commitment beginning in August


Member responsibilities

  • Have your own email. We like to contact members directly with information regarding rehearsals and to send choreography videos and music tracks. We encourage the kids to e-mail us with questions and for clarification on material.

  • Have access to a dropbox. We upload all music and karaoke practice tracks to the Syncopation Dropbox that you will receive an invite to at the beginning of the year that we update frequently.

  • Be responsible for their own “stuff”. Each member receives a costume bin for the year with their name on it that all costumes must be kept in. They are also responsible for bringing their rehearsal folder, water and a pencil to each practice. They will do push ups for left articles of clothing, etc.

  • Master assigned new material from week to week (and to make up any missed material resulting from an excused absence).

  • Create an excellent rehearsal atmosphere by bringing a sense of focus and fun each time and by treating other members with respect and kindness.

  • Leave a place better than we find it by going above and beyond to help tidy up, to ask how you can help in any given situation.

  • Members must sign the rules of conduct upon acceptance into the group.