Revelation is the newest addition to our high school community show choirs and is composed of young ladies in grades 9-12 throughout Bloomington and surrounding areas seeking a pre-professional performing experience with advanced training in multiple forms of contemporary music and dance. Team work, discipline and responsibility are required to provide a professional learning environment for all involved.


With Kevin Rudzinski and Kathryn Sherman taking the reigns, these ladies will be competing along side Amplitude in their separate division at 4 competitions. Brennan and Ly are excited to craft the vision and share their teaching expertise in every rehearsal so these ladies get the best training and ample attention. In addition, they will work with the top choreographers in the country as part of their competition show to give them their own unique look and learning experience.


Females in grades 9-12


Rehearses two days, once at Windfall and once at Fairview

Full academic year (two-semester) commitment beginning in August


Member responsibilities

  • Have your own email. We like to contact members directly with information regarding rehearsals and to send choreography videos and music tracks. We encourage the kids to e-mail us with questions and for clarification on material.

  • Have access to a dropbox. We upload all music and karaoke practice tracks to the Syncopation Dropbox that you will receive an invite to at the beginning of the year that we update frequently.

  • Be responsible for their own “stuff”. Each member receives a costume bin for the year with their name on it that all costumes must be kept in. They are also responsible for bringing their rehearsal folder, water and a pencil to each practice. They will do push ups for left articles of clothing, etc.

  • Master assigned new material from week to week (and to make up any missed material resulting from an excused absence).

  • Create an excellent rehearsal atmosphere by bringing a sense of focus and fun each time and by treating other members with respect and kindness.

  • Leave a place better than we find it by going above and beyond to help tidy up, to ask how you can help in any given situation.

  • Members must sign the rules of conduct upon acceptance into the group.