In order to provide a professional, quality performing experience for all participants and respect the guidelines set forth by all B E A T rehearsal and performance facilities, B E A T requires participants to adhere to the following rules of conduct.


• Students are expected be respectful of the Creative Team and one another.

• Any profanity is strictly prohibited.

• Students are expected to dress appropriately for movement (no jeans). Although dance wear is acceptable, all clothing must remain in good taste. No street shoes in Windfall Dance studios, please (especially during rainy and wintery months).

• Students must behave in a professional manner at all times during trips, and good manners are expected at all times as personal behavior is a reflection on B E A T.

• Avoid unnecessary noise and distractions during rehearsals and performances.

• Students are expected to stay in approved areas while at rehearsal facilities and all performance venues. Students should not leave the facilities at any time during rehearsals or performances, unless permission to do so has been given to the B E A T staff by the student’s parent or guardian. (This includes breaks/lunch time.) A sack meal/snack should be brought
by members to rehearsal. (Students are not allowed to participate in “fast food runs” or “order in”).

• During rehearsals and shows, students are expected to clean up after themselves and be responsible for their own property. All students/staff participate in a rotating clean-up schedule.

• B E A T is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property. Behave in a professional manner at all times during performances and rehearsals.

• All members must attend all rehearsals and performances unless you are ill or have an emergency. All planned absences (vacations, trips, etc.) must be disclosed along with the registration form. If you are sick, please do not come to rehearsal; however, you are still required to notify B E A T that you will be absent.

• Be on time for rehearsals, performances and other scheduled activities. 5 minutes early is on time and on time is late. When appropriate, all students should be prepared with costumes, makeup, props and music.

• For medical purposes, peanuts or peanut products are not permitted at rehearsal facilities.

• Participants are not allowed to bring friends/observers to the rehearsal facility or the performance venue unless permission from B E A T has been obtained.

• Students are expected to honor the assignments given in rehearsals including memorizing music and choreography by assigned rehearsal dates.