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March 17th, 2017

Audition Announcement for BEAT Show Choirs 2017-2018

If your child loves to sing and dance, has a great team spirit and a desire to grow in these art forms…then the BEAT show choirs would be a great place to share his/her expression!


 We are excited to announce that audition sign ups for BEAT’s 6th show choir season are now live!

Auditions will be held Monday May 1st – Wednesday May 3rd from 4-8pm at Windfall. The dance callbacks will be held at Windfall on Thursday May 4th at the following times:

Synchronicity Dance Callback: 4:30-5:30pm
Syncopation Dance Callback: 5:30-7pm
Amplitude and Revelation Dance Callback: 7-8:30pm


AUDITION for one of five Show Choirs for the 2017-2018 school year! Calling all Singer/Dancers in grades 1st-12th!

AMPLITUDE: Our award-winning, high school community show choir for grades 9th-12th will perform throughout the year at community events and also travel to compete during the Spring Show Choir Season. This is also Amplitude’s Trip Year and they will be competing in Los Angeles, California! Rehearsals will be twice a week starting in August-April.

REVELATION: Our newest, high school community show choir for FEMALES in grades 9th-12th will perform throughout the year at community events and also travel to compete during the Spring Show Choir Season. Rehearsals will be twice a week starting in August-April.

SYNCOPATION: Our dynamic, award-winning, community show choir for grades 5th-8th performs throughout the year and travels to compete during the Spring months. Rehearsals are twice a week starting in August-April.

SYNCHRONICITY: Our intermediate show choir will meet once a week and perform at the BEAT Fall and Spring Show, as well as, one competition at Edgewood High School in the Spring. This ensemble is eligible for grades 4th-8th.

MINI-SYNC: Our youngest exploratory show choir is comprised of grades 1st-4th and is an introductory ensemble to the art of show choir. This group rehearses once a week and will also perform at the BEAT Fall and Spring Show. There is no dance component to this audition.


Audition material will be sent out 1 week prior to auditions!


· You will not need to fill out any paperwork prior to your child’s audition, however auditionees should plan on arriving a few minutes early to fill out their form.

· The sign up sheet will allow two students to sign up for every 15 minute time slot. Once it reaches two students, that time slot will automatically become unavailable. If you are signing up multiple children, they each need their own separate time slot.

· Please put the student’s name in the text box when signing up for an audition. Upon completion the website will ask you for an email address. Please use the email address of the primary parent/guardian. We will use this email address to send you the audition materials a week in advance as well as the final ensemble results.

· We will make accommodations to see each student interested in auditioning for our program. It is better to make sure you are fully available during a time slot rather than signing up for one immediately. Should you need to make any changes to your scheduled time, we ask that you please email us at BloomingtonBEAT@gmail.com before signing up for a second time.



Contact bloomingtonbeat@gmail.com with any questions!

Thank you for your interest in Bloomington Expressive Arts Training! We look forward to seeing the individualized talents of students both familiar and new to our program.


Want to see BEAT in action? Check out the BEAT Spring Show on April 18 & 19, 2017 @ 7:30pm at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater!